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  1. Food and Friends Meets at 6 p.m. on the fourth Friday of each month unless changed by the host.



    Guidelines for Lunch Bunch and Food & Friends.The Food & Friends chairperson is Betty Peterson, peterson_betty@hotmail.com or 941.639.0599.

    1. This is a dinner activity where you relax and enjoy meeting new or be with old friends.

    2. Everyone is assigned to a host home objectively.  This is to encourage different social interactions.  It is not possible to honor special requests.

    3. The host/hostess provides the main course and will contact attendees to assign appetizers, side dishes, or desserts.

    4. The host/hostess will provide soft drinks but attendees need to bring any adult beverages!

    5. Dinner normally begins at 6 P.M.  until  9 P.M.

    6. Food and Friends occurs on the 4th Friday of the month unless there is a Holiday or other reason to change this date.   Host/Hostess may change to a different day or time if attendees are willing to do so.

    7. Attendee/guest assignments are done by the weekend before the event.  Hosts/Hostesses are notified so they are able to contact guests with assignments.   It is not possible to request special placements!

    8. Hosts decide how many guests they can accommodate, usually 8 12 to allow easy conversation.

    9. Everyone who participates in F and F is expected to sign-up as a host home during the calendar year.  Your evening may be as casual as you desire.  Some hosts enjoy having a theme while others do not.


    10.    Contact:  Betty Peterson at 941-639-0599 or email:   Peterson_betty@hotmail.com (there is an underscore between Peterson and Betty)